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Darren Cooley

Engineering Manager, JFC Group (ABB welding cell)

What sets Fabtech Robotics apart is not only their technical proficiency but also their commitment to customer satisfaction. They were always available to answer our questions, address any concerns, and fine-tune the system to perfection.

Ian Bolger

Director Bolger, Engineering Limited

From the initial consultation to the final implementation, Fabtech Robotics demonstrated exceptional professionalism and dedication. Their cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions transformed our manufacturing process, significantly increasing productivity and reducing downtime.

Stephen Larkin

Managing Director, Larkin Engineering Enterprises Ltd

Choosing Fabtech Robotics was a strategic decision that has undoubtedly elevated our operational efficiency and competitiveness. We highly recommend Fabtech to any organization seeking innovative, reliable, and customized robotic solutions.

Tony Woods

CEO, Midland Steel

The robotic systems provided by Fabtech Robotics have proven to be highly reliable and efficient, significantly improving our workflow and productivity. The precision and accuracy with which their robots operate have exceeded our expectations, leading to a noticeable enhancement in the overall quality of our output.





Embracing robotic technology to handle labour intensive and hazardous tasks, improves working environments and addresses skilled labour shortages.



Robotics enable the precise and consistent handling of machinery components, resulting in higher product quality and increases equipment reliability.



Robotics optimise boat building processes by ensuring accurate cuts, welds, and assembly, leading to higher structural integrity and design precision.



Automation in furniture production increases customisation options and reduces lead times. A cost-effective solution that maintains the craftsmanship and attention to detail that the industry demands.

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