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Introducing Fabtech Robotics!

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The robotic welding division of DesignPro known as ‘DesignPro Robotics’ has rebranded to Fabtech Robotics. The company announced a new identity, including a new name and logo, that will continue its commitment to helping fabrication workshops embrace the latest advancements in robotic technology.

DesignPro Robotics has unveiled a new identity, including a new name and logo, as part of an extensive rebranding initiative. Starting today, the company has officially rebranded to Fabtech Robotics; to better reflect what they do: develop innovative robotic solutions to modernise and streamline workshop processes in the fabrication industry. Currently, the company offers cost-effective robot welding systems that integrate easily with existing manual welding power sources. These systems are developed specifically for small to medium fabricators as an economical way to advance the capabilities of their welding operations.

The new brand identity embodies a renewed sense of purpose that is rooted in the company’s heritage; to become the go to robotics partner for global leaders in the fabrication industry.

This rebrand marks a key milestone as the company continues to serve its customers with a personalised approach to robotic integration. This involves offering assistance from the feasibility and problem analysis stage through to the correct robot selection; to programming and integration into the overall automation process with installation and service support once in operation.

The improved branding will provide a better understanding of the company’s mission to help fabrication manufacturers who want to increase output and drive efficiency.

About Fabtech Robotics:

Fabtech Robotics specialises in providing a wide range of robotic welding solutions and support services to the industrial engineering sector. Our strength lies in our robot expertise and in-depth knowledge of the full spectrum of welding processes; pulsed MIG, CMT, LSC and PMC. Our modular automated robotic solutions offer several advantages for manufacturers when implementing robots into their operations; faster, consistent cycle times, increase in production, a safer work environment and better quality.

Check out our about us page to learn more about Fabtech Robotics.

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