Creating a Robotic Welding System to weld rebar mesh of various layouts

Midland Steel

A large warehouse with a crane in the middle of it.

Initial Challenge:

Create a robotic welding system to weld rebar mesh of various layouts that has not been completed before in a high output production environment.

Complexities in the project:

Rebar in its nature is not a very precise and repeatable product to work with so how to overcome this in a robotic solution without constant manual intervention. Plus the amount of product configurations that are needed to be produced on the system – a high mix volume, even on a weekly basis. Scale and reach for a system to be able to deal with, was also a factor to consider.

The Solution:

Robot – Kuka KR120

Positioner – Kuka KL4000 1CA – 16m span

Control – Beckhoff Interface and Safety structure

Weld Power Source – Fronius TPS 500i

Smart tech – Fabtech Robotics Vision System integration

Software – Delfoi (Visual Components)

Fixturing – Client provision

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