It’s official, we are now
a member of the

Irish Association of Steel Fabricators (IASF)

Spraying a wall with a spray machine.

The IASF is a member organisation that promotes the steel industry in Ireland by providing guidance and assistance with all aspects of the industry. A key focus for the association is the promotion of quality and safety standards, which resonate strongly with our values as a company.

We have collaborated with the IASF on several occasions in the last few years and are delighted to formalise our commitment to the steel industry by becoming an approved member of their industry association.

One of our first engagements since becoming a member will be the organisation inaugural awards which are being held on the 7th of October, We are honoured to have been asked to be the main sponsor for the event and are looking forward to meeting the companies that are making the most significant impact on driving the Irish steel industry forward.

To view the finalists and have the opportunity to vote for the company that you believe deserves to be recognised for its contribution to the Irish Steel industry, follow this link –

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